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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 2, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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> this is the knife that was used. >> boston police shoot and kill a terror suspect. his brother is a bay area muslim cleric who's making a request of his followers tonight. good evening 37 i'm ama daetz. dan ashley is off. the shooting death of a suspected terrorist in bost is having a ripple effect in oakland tonight. the dead man is the brother of an imam at the lighthou mosque
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on martin luther king way. >> reporter: people who came to pray this afternoon were shocked to heart imam's brother had been shot and killed following a confrontation with an fbi agent and a boston police officer. >> i'll speak for myselbut i'm sure it's fairly representative of theommunity at large that this is deeply troubling and we're all very, very hurt right now. >> i just want to be there for him and see what happens. >> reporter: the imam of the lighthouse mosque in oakland was using social media to tell h version saying his 26-year-old's brother had been shot three times in the back. ibrahim raheem posted "he was on his cell phone with my dear father be during the confroation need egg a witness. his last words to my father who heard the shots were i can't eathe." but boston police disputed that today. usam raheem was supposedly under surveillance by the fbi and joint terrorism task force. boston police say agents stopped
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him this morning i front of a drugore. that's when they say raheem pulled out a military style knife. police released a picture of the weapon. >> he turned. the officers gave several comman for him to drop the weapon. and unfortunately he came at the ficers and they do what they were trained to do. unfortunely, they had to take a life. and that's never an easy decision tore any officer to do. >> reporter: police did not fer any detail, only to say the shooting was under investigation. >> and i do believe that once his family meet they will make a statement for the press. >> reporter: the imam is said to be traveng back to boston. in oakland leanne melendez, abc news. a new report finds californians are using less water but we have to conserve a lot more. state officials say we cut water use 13 1/2% in april compared to april of 2013. but the statewide target is 25% now that mandatory cuts are in effect. abc 7 news reporter david loui takes a look at two cities
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feeling theheat. >> reporter: millbrae thought it was kefrk water. in fact, an analysis presented to the city kounls a few days ago showed a 2.7% decrease but the state water resources board says milrae's rate was zero percent. >> do you think the message getting across to mill braes residents? >> sure, it is. we're undecided. >> that's how you expln the zero? >> we're undecided. we think wean do it but we're not sure we're going to. >> reporter: millbrae operates its own water department serving nearly 22,000 residents. if that zero figure is correct, water customers say they'll have to step up conservation. >> cut down the watering days and be more mindful ofow much water's running around the house. >> reporter: burlingame is mill braes ighbor to the south. a city of 30,000 virginia more kohnee believes he is cutting back. >> i know i am but i do see house that'sre watering their lawns and i think it's a little bit wasteful. >> reporter: we double checked th 38% figure with the water
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board which maintains it's correct. the burlingame city manager, however, says th consultant used to compile the numbersas wrong. april should have shown a 6% savings compared to 2013. still millbrae and burlingame pale by comparison to cities ke morgan hill and hillsborough where savings topped % even before water reductions became mandatory. in millbrae david lui abc 7 news. >> to find out about the water conservation efforts where you live we have a link at abc7news.c. now to our warriors in oaand and the entire bay area the wait for the first ge of the nba finals is almost over and we got some great ne today for warriors fans regarding klay thompson'sbility to play. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has more. >> reporter: there's waiting for an appointment to show and then there's that gag p waiting for the nba finals. they're two locations two bcks apart. the warriors practice facility and the massive barber shop
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where e' owens talked about waiting for 40 years. >> this is special. >> reporter: at practice we heard pretty much the same sentiment. it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: it's been aong time for the franchise and a long seral days for klay thompson who finally received clearance to play again after a concussion. >> i feel great. these last few days. >> reporter: feels great loorksz great. from steph curry draining jump shots as casually as most of us blink to look gat inside the oracle arena today where with protective plastic on the floo crews installed final finishing touches. pardon the play words, but those words are everywhere even on tickets for which the going ratee're told ranges from $600 to 7,500. >> 7,500 bucks. >> how are you doing today? >> reporter: dre' was born and raised in oakland. he is proud right now, not only at what those guys two blocks away have done but also for his city. so what if he's iced out? this man is taking the larger view. >> this is special.
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i mean we haven't had -- this kind of buzz, this kind of tention, positive attention in this city in a long time. >> reporter: by the way, dre's customer finally showed. his next big appointment with a tv set and the warriors thursday night. in oaklandayne friedman, abc 7 news. and the cleveland cavs are now in san francisco. sky 7 hd was overhead as the team arrived at the four seasons on market and 3rd street just before 5:00. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim snapped this picture of cavs star lebron james a he walked into the hotel. the team will likely spend the next five nights athe hotel before returning toleveland afr game 2. that will be sunday night. the mayors of oakland and clevand won't be place aing a wager on the sies. that's because the last time the cavs made thefinals their mayor bet the other city's mayor and the cavs lost in a four-game sweep. so instead the alameda county community food bankand the greater cleveland food bank are challenging each other to see which fan base can raise the
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most money. abc 7 news the oly place where you can see the nba finals. live coverage begins on thuray. game 1 is at oracle arena in oakland. game 2 will be sunday also in oakland. game 3 and 4 are in cleveland. game 5 if necessary returns to oracle. authorities have identified e pilot killed after crashing his plane in livermore. 75-year-olmichael seal of pleasanton subpoena. he was rortedly a former professional pilot. authorities say the plane likely had control problems. the crash started a two-acre grass fire which was quickly contained. a petition drive is under way to slow traffic on a street in antioch after a deadly accident. jerry hudson is behind the drive to install speed bumps on west 11th street. his 47-year-old son tim was killed last month by a hit-and-run driver doing donuts in the middle of the road. last week someone took matters into their own hands and installed a speedbump but a city crew removed it.
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you can see the holes where it was instaed. hudson understands why it was taken out. they didn't like the fact it was removed during his son's funeral. >> they must have had the house staked out because the kids across the streethey said we were gone like four minutes and they allhowed up at once. so they were just waiting for us toeave. they knew where we were going. >> the city claims it didn't ow about the funeral. the neighborhood petition also demands the resignation of antioch's mayor. we have much mre ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up,an francisco supervisors are in a heated debate tonht that could shut down new construction in the mission district. > also an east bay city may be losing its histoc old theater. why the owner claims his hand are tied. and spencer's here with the weather. once again we have a little rain coming our way, and it's a little rain. ll tell you all about it in my accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> thank you, spencer. and a train filled with passengers slices a car in half.
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. a showdown sunder way at san francisco's city hall right now over one of theost con troshlt housing proposa in recent years. it calls for a moratorium on new developments ithe mission district for 45 days. the measure will need the approval of nine of the 11 supervisors to pass. three of them have already said they won't vote for it. only 14% of new mission housing since 2008 has been affordable, far below the mayor's goal of 33%. abc news report erer katie udis is at the hearing and tweeted this a while ago saying there's a line of speakers out the door and downtown hall. we'll have more onbc news at 11:00 on channel 7. the owner of an iconic east bay movie thear has announced it's closing after the landlord raised the rent by 60 abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has our story from moraga. >> reporter: barring a last-minute plot twist the
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iconic riem theater will close june 4th after a landlord who's been subsidizing the rent for yearsecided to raise it suddenly and dramatically. >> it was 60% rent increase. >> which means wha >> which means a lot of money. money that we cannot afford. >> i'm very upset this is closing. very upset. our kids will be upset. >> reporter: theater operator derek zemrak invested $250,000 on digityears ago, and he's put in new seating. but he can't afford $8000 a month rent for theater that often draws just few people for a first-run movie. on the phone landlord mahesh mahesh puri told abc news if someone comes to the plate and i can make a little return o my investment i would be happy to work with them. >> i blame people of moraga who didn't come and support the theater and town of moraga, which th are not helping at all. >> reporter: the town councilman dave trotter told us the end of this story hasn't been written
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yet. >> i have no doubt that the moraga communityill step up if given the opportunity to do so so we can continue to have this jewel in moraga. >> reporter: the councilman told us anyone concerned about this theater closing should sho up at the next town council meing. on june 10th. in moraga, laura anthony, abc 7 news. former 49er ray mcdonald's ex-fiance is claiming he repeatedly pushed and shoved her while she was holding their 2-month-old child. the incident happened lastweek when mcdonald reportedly broke through a bedroom door the former girlfriend says mcdonald became abusive only after he starte drinking too much. that's when she moved out. mcdonald was arrested twice last week, first for the alleged attack, then for violating the restraining order that followed. a multimillion-dollahome in an exclusive south bay community lies in ruins after a massive fire this morning. the people who lived there will have to find another place to live, but thankfully they did esca with their lives. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story from monte sereno.
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>> reporter: sometimes fires are too ngerous for firefighters. when fire crews arred at this home on los gatos bouvard just after 2:30 this morning they made sure everyone got out fely. thin fought the flames defensively from the outside. eventually the second floor llapsed. the firefighters' intuition was right. it was way too dangerous to be inside. smoke alarms didn't wake up the five people sleeping this morning. instea it was a loud popping sound. >> i was thinking gunfire at first. >> reporter: and then what? what did you see after that? >> and then after that all i hear su need to get out of the house, you need to get out of the house. >> rorter: the gunfire, that was actually 50 to 60 spray paint cans exploding. two artists live in the home. one uses the spray paint. another an abstract painter. the $2.5 million home was also their studio. both lost almost everything in the flames. >> you're going to have touy
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new tools. so you know, take stuff out of storage, sellnother painting and buy some more paint brushes, buy some new oils. >> everything i own, from my son's baby pictures,ll my paint, i had quite a lot of paint, i did have quite a bit of canvas just everything like my whole life basicay. >> reporter: firefighters say the cause of the fire may be filed as undetermined becau it may be too dangerous for the investigator to go inside. the red cross was here. they are putting up somof the residents at local motels. reporting in monte sero, matt keller, abc 7 news. veterarians at the oakland zoo are treating aalifornia condor for lead poisoning. the bird is named miracle. she's the rst wild chick born in more than a century i big suras part of the california condor recovery program. biologists say they foun high levels of lead during a routine check. miracle will be treated at th zoo for about another week
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before being released back into the wild. >> that is very cool. >> released back into some warmer weather perhaps spencer. >> warming up nicely over the next several days. going into next week it will feel almost like summer, which is jt a couple weeks away anyhow. livedoppler 7 hd. mainly clear skies overhe bay although some high clouds are beginning push inland along th a few patches of low clouds near the coastline. let's take a look at current conditions. temperature readings right now 57 in san francisco, 58 across the bay in oakland. mainly upper 50s around the bay although mountain view which is near the bay has a current reading of 62 degrees. milder spots. the winds are brisk and gusty for a whle. the only gusty spot is half moon bay which has- that just disappeared. 16 miles per hour. winds blowing up to 20 miles per nour fairfield. but it is not gusty across the region anymore. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where you can see it's relatively free of low clouds which is unusual this time. evening. partly cloudy tomorrow we'll see drizzle returning to the bay area thursday morning.
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it won't amount to much though i'm sorry to say. and we'll have a slow warming trend through the weekend and into next week. here's a satellite image showing not much going on in the way of significant weather systs. we have a series of weak impulses moving o way which will bring us the occasional clouds and thaslight chance of some light rain talked about. let's get down to the forecast animion starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see a few clouds around and some hazy snshine in the afternoon th high clouds moving through. then overnight tomorrow night intohursday morning we'll see a pretty good chance of some drizzle drizzle drizzle. as a matter of fact, there may be some large areas of drizzle early thursday morning which could produce some wet spots on the paveme for early morning commuters. meanwhe, in the tropical pacific we have two hurricanes, one weakening. that's hurricane andres. and one gaining strength. hurricane blanca. so here's the forecast animation. as a category 2 hurricane in cabo san lucas sunday morning that's going to be a problem for the resort area in much of
9:19 pm
xico including baja california. andres is going to fizzle. it was kick up moistur in the direction of southern california but now the outsok for dry condition this is week in southern califnia. we wl not see moisture from andres making its way up here certainly. here's our outlook ovnight. cloudy near the coast but mild across the region with overnight lows in the mid 50s. low 70s in the south bay tomorrow, upper 60s to about 70 on the peninsula. 60 greegz downwn san francisco. mid to upper 70s in the north bay. over ithe east bay generally upper 60s and the inland east bay will have upper 70s to about 80 degrees tomorrow. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast here comes that rming trend starting on friday through the weekend into early next week we'll see iand highs climbing into the mid up to 80s my to upper 70s around the bay and mid 60s on the coast. could call that beach weather i guess. >> yeah, pretty mh. thank you, spencer. still to come here on ab 7 news at 9:00.
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the bomb squad is called in to detonate a suspicious device in union city. what police are now saying about it. and we'll revisit the miracle on the hudson. a near disaster t (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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take a look at the bomb squad in action in union city. that's a suspicious device being blown up. police say it looks like a pipe bomb. the device was spottedt dakota adult school on g street around 11:45 this morning. the school was briefly evacuated. police now say it was all a hoax. two bay area icons may be about toeam up in hollywood. warner brothers has reportedly picked clint eastwood to dirt a movie about pilot sully sullenberger of danville. six years ago sullenberger
9:24 pm
landed his us airways plane filled with passengs on the hudson river in new york after a bird strike. the movie will be based on the book he wrote. eastwood last directed the film "american sniper," and according to "vaety" was interested in spotlighting another american hero. the sun is sting on a long-term employer in menlo park. "sunset" magazine has been headquartered there for decades. w it's moving to jack london square it in oakland. it will take over the second floor and also have a wine cellar in its offices. in additioto its new space sunset will have a testing center at cornersne in sonoma which will include a garden, outdoor kitchen and live programming. if y want to take part in super bowl 509 san francis bay area host committee is looking for voluntee. the host committee needs at least 5,000 vunteers to acomment the more than 1 million sitors during super bowl week. volunteers will get a free sup bowl uniform but will not get tickets to the big game.
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two bay area flights were involv in an international scare in the air. up next why homeland security was called into action at san francisco international airport. also the roller coaster accident. more than a dozen were injured when t coasters collided. some passengers were left dangling in the air for hours. and a manteers tone a crevice while wearing a helmet cam. his scary fall
9:26 pm
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bomb threats targeting five u.s. flights prompted a response from security officials across the country. one of those flights landed at san francisco international airport today without incident. abc 7 news reporter sergio queent nah has more. >> reporter: korean airlines flight 23 landed safely at san
9:29 pm
francisco international airport. it was one of five flights that was the target of a series of bomb threats. passengers aboard said they hadn't heard anything about the threat. >> did anybody say anything happened on the flight? >> no. >> rorter: one passenger said he noticed something odd as he left the plane. >> i saw some security out at the gate wondering wt that was about when we got off. >> dcribe that to me. >> three guys looked like they were looking for something. >> reporter: we saw homeland security dog teams sniffing for explosives at the international terminal when we arrived but an airport spokesperson said this threat was not credible and had no effect on flight operations. the four othe flights included in this threat -- united 995 from san francisco to chicago o'hare, delta flight 55 from l.a. to atlanta, a valeris flight from portland oregon to guadalajara and u.s. airways flight from san diego to philadelphia. authorities took that jet to a remote part of the airport and had passengers bused to the terminal. >> members of the police bom
9:30 pm
squad and canine teams from the police airport unit go through the plane an go through the luggage and just nfirm there was no hazards. >> reporter: "uss this is the second time a series of u.s. bomb threats were naid made in the last seven days. last week an air france plane was investigated after it wassette coursed into new york airport by fighter jets. in san francisco sergio quintana, abc 7 news. overseas to england, images are coming in tonight from an amusement park there were 16 people were injured aer cashes on one of england's most famous roller coasters collided 25 feet in the air. abc news reporter mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporte tonight an investigation into what led to this roller coaster crash at an amusement park three hours outside lont seriesly injuring fo including three teens. this afternoon a car full of riders slamming into an empty
9:31 pm
car stuck on the tracks >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the force of the collisiowedging the cars together. >> all of a sudden you just heard a big bang and everyone started screaming. >> reporter: the accident leaving about a dozen riders dangling 26 feet above the ground for more than 4 1/2 hours before rescuers were able evacuate them. statistically nt park rides are safe. expertnoting the chances of being injured are 1 in 24 million. now officials say the park remas closed until we understand better the cause of this dreadfulincident. mara schiavocampo, abc new new york. two people amazingly walked away from a destructive collision between their car and a ain. this happened in jacksonville, florida today. the driver tried to cross the tracks while the gate was down. the train split th car in half. a passenger in theack half was thrown to the ground but only suffered road rash. the driver also had minor injuries. no o on the train was hurt. deputies gave the driver a $300
9:32 pm
ticket. amtrak is pledging to install safety technology that could have prevented last month's deadly train derailment in philadelphia. ceo joseph boredman told a house committee today that amtrak is responsible for the incident and its consequences. eight passengers were killed and 200 were ijured when the new york-bound train jumped the track. boredman called the acdent surprising because of the system's safety record. >> no other place in the country does a comparable volume of traffic move with such a solid record. the last previous derailmen fatal accident on the northea corridor occurred 28 years ago. >> a preliminary naonal transportation safety board report released toy kofrmtz the train entered the 50-mile-per-hour curb at 106 miles per hour and that the engineer braked seconds before the wreck. we're learning more tonig about the young american woman killed on an african safari. abc news reporter hamish mcdonald takes us inside the lion park. >> can youee that? >> reporter: the day after the
9:33 pm
killing and families are back defying the rules, driving up to lions,indows down. the investigation is now focusing on how and why an american woman in her 20s, katherine chappell, had windows wide open side these cabs where lions ro free. one lioness attacked yesterday, reaching iide the vehicle. the american tourist died at the scene. entering this same lion park today, they could hardly make it clearer. >> that's the big sign. >> repter: keep the doors locked, the window closed. >> when you're up close to them like, this it is incredibly tempting to put the window down to get a better look because they're so peaceful. they're lying there sleeping. the reality is, though that if they decided tgo for you they could get to you much quicker than you cod put the window up. >> reporter: abc news has learned the lioness had been mating and had cubs with her that could help explain this attack. >> you can take an animal out of the wild but you can never take that wild out of the animal >> reporter: cameras have captured other close encounters
9:34 pm
like this one. [ screaming ] stl, these visitors are undeterred. they say the rules are simple to follow and will keep you safe. >> the signs are everywhere. it's very safe if you follow t instructions. >> reporter: hamish mcdonald, abc news, south rica. well service is back to normal for united airlines after it grounded 150 flights today because of a computer glitch. united is releasing little information saying only that it began delaying flights at 6:00 this morning pacific time tone sure aircraft departed with proper dispatching information. theroblem lasted 40 minutes. passenger linda tong lost her luggage in the delay and tweeted "wedding weekend sunscreen, wedding shoes, and clothes all inhe checked luggage with united. wedding was ur days ago. bag has yet to arrive." united tweeted back an apology, orry to hear this. please dm" direct message," "your baggage refrnts claim number. we'll see at we can find out." a south carolina man vationing in the bahamas was walking along the beach whene
9:35 pm
saw something in the water. after a closer look kevin ikelberger said it was a part of apacex rocket. he tweeted to elon musk we found part o your spacex rocket in the bahamas. and musk tweeted back cool thk you for letting us know. this igood for figuring out re reusability. he said he'll make sure some of thehardware gets sent back to spacex. a french man skiing in the swiss aps plummeted into a deep snowy crevasse recently and his scary fall was captured on his helmet cam. he was skiing along and fel into a gap in the snow. as he struggled to climb out he slipped again, falling at least 16 feet. when he came to atop he looked up and you heard him start screaming r help. he was stuck for 30 minutes. finally, crews came to his rescue and pulled him out. just ahead here on abc 7 news at 9:00 staying safe in
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now to that new exhibit at san jose's tech muum with a kid-friendly look inside the world of cyber security. here's abc 7 ns reporter jonathan bloom. >> reporter: these kids are building a computer network. one they'll have to defend agnst attackers. >> this is something that actually network analysts do. >> reporter: they're catching on quickly. >> i got to check intosoftware. >> fire walls to block viruses. it's really quick how in like a second someone can get into a whole bunch of stuff. >> reporter: here at the tech museum's newyber detectives
9:40 pm
exhibit kids are learning how to spot the crooks the out. >> tech is all about inspiring the innovatoin everyone. and what inspires innovators is a problem to be solved. complex ideas like cryptography are broken down into games. >> game has informed the entire exhibition. >> reporter: it's an approachable way to teach an important suect. >> our lives are becoming more and more and re digital. and so we need to prepare ourselves for that future. >> reporter: but beyond being one of the keys to modern digital life, the exhibit designers say learning about cyber security can also unlock anexciting new career. >> top secret company information. >> reporter: on a series of guided missions, kids take on the role of a cyber security professional. >> we have to trant folks comin in 10 15 years from now so we can meet the demands of the corporations right here in the
9:41 pm
vaey. >> one reason palo alto network sponsored the exhibit. >> var very very smart and they're getting the concept right ay. >> reporter: and even if they don't do this for a living it'll help them down the road. >> we ow every one of them is a born problem solver so, we want to see them solving problems. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. up next here on abc 7 news at 9:00, the california couple who's opening up their wedding to almost
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
a califnia couple is inviting hundreds of wedding crashers to their wedding in los angeles this month. the bride and groom say it's all
9:45 pm
in good fun but the idea is actually stirring up a big controversy. ab news reporter alex michaelson talked to the couple. >> i love you. >> i've got to get out of here pronto. i've got astage 5 cling wrer. >> reporter: in the movie "wedding crashers" vince vaughn and owen wilson crash party after party to meet women. >> you know how we only use10% of our brain? i think we only use 10 of our hearts. >> reporter: real-life fiances are actually encouraging completetrangers to crash their wedding. >> we're excited to share with as much people as we can. >> we don't know what to expect. k that's part of it. >> reporter: the couple met usc while taking ballroom dancing together. >> he would ask me to dance every class. that was pretty romantic actually. >> reporter: seven years after that firstdance chad proposed. when discussing wedding themes they start thinking about thr favorite movie. >> "purple hearts." we wanted to pay for a drink all night. >> reporter: their party venue has space for 1,000 people, but they only sent out invitations
9:46 pm
to 250 friends and family. >> it means there's 750 people that are goingo be crashing our wedding atoulevard 3. >> this is the kentucky derby of weddings. >> reporter: unlike the movie u can't just show up. >> there's a bouncer at the door. reporter: you have to buy a ticket on their website. for 87 bucks each. some critics say they're just trying to have others pay for their party. >> if it's more controversial, people have an opinion on how to do a wedding. >> you actually don't have to show up to the chapel here at usc. with a wristband all you've got to do is show up to the party. >> i'm going to get drunk. >> reporter: there's an open bar, and you don't have to bring a gift. >> we wanted something that was like -- removed all the boring stuff. >> reporter: chad and jessica say hundreds already bought tickets and most of them are sing. >> single bridesmaids and single groomsmen. >> we're hoping to get invited to some future weddings given they're invited to ours. >> reporter: just beware of those age 5 clingers. >> because i'd find you. ha, ha.
9:47 pm
>> let's get one last check on our weather wi spencer christian. >> you don't have to pay $87. here's a time lapse to you this eveng. from our east bay camera looking at the sky. what a sset we had just a few thin clouds drifting overhead adding lots of color to the sunset. let's move along, take look at live doppler 7 hdhowing thin high clouds still moving over the bay area but it's not exactly what you call a cloudy night. tomorrow statewide look for some showers up in the northern part of the state but mainly sunny and dry asou push southward certainly in the interio sections of the state. here in the bay area after a partly cloudy start in the morning we'll have a hazy sunny afternoon with high temperatures ranging from about 60 at the coast to upper 60s around the bay to upper 70s inland, and here's the accuweather -- before the seven-day forecast, a ball game tomorrow at at&t park. daytime baseball pirates versus giants, 12:45. it will be hazy sunny and breezy, and here's the
9:48 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. look a our warm-up starting on friday continuing through the ekend and early next week mid to upper 80 inland mid 60s on the coa. it's going to be a nice coasty weekend coming up. >> look forward to that. thank you, spcer. ourarriors fan of the day goes a family of fans actually. james, cathy, and their luc dog griffin. griffin is a puppy in training for canine companions for independence, a santa rosa non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities. share your wriors fan photos by using the hashtag dubs on 7. please include where you live in the post so we can give you a proper shout out. the next abc 7 fan of the day could be y. and of course we're all look forward to our warriors playing and course the cavs made it in town today. people all fired up over that. look at this poor kid crying. y is he
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a fiery big-rig crash, and now a new report is
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placing blame. who may be at fault for the deadly accident. plus a giant leap forward in security. how season ticket holders will avoithe long lines at at&t park. be sure to join us for abc news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> this sports report is brought to you by your local toyot dealer. all right. time now to talk some sports th larry. >> yes. start with the giants. after a torrid may we're now into june and thgiants are in a little bit of a swoon. a little bit. mini three-game losing streak, trying to get it turned around tonight against the pirates. row, row, row your boat to mcvey cove. matey. first inninguster posey remains hot. line drive down the right-field line. joe panik scores so does hunter pence. giants quickly jump out to a 2-0 lead but the pirates score four times in the third off chris heston. brandon crawford responding with a two-run clout. check out the fan who banked the home run. the question is did he rea into fair territory? inconclusive.
9:53 pm
they reviewed itnd said home run. so we're tied at 4. pirates ck on a run in the fourth. then in the fifth yusmeiro petit on in relief. at is gone. no need to review that. way out. rst homer of the year. pirates leading the giants 7-4 in the eighth. a's and tigers in detroit. alfredo simon came out on fire, six strikeouts through four innings. stephen vogt swinging right there. bottom four, niccastellanos. yoenis cespedes. tigers up 3-0. to the seventh, basesoaded for ben zobrist. here it comes, there it goes. his sixth career grand slam. but the story is the kidho makes the great catch, and then a few moments later realizes he justaught a grand slam home run and it's against his tam and he's crying because he loves the tigers and this is not the way to -- no. but you got a home run ball. anyw, the a's came back to win
9:54 pm
5-3. that's cute. women's college world series. florida taking on michigan. bottom of the first. kelsey solsala. base hit right up the middle. uh-oh. ball is bobbled as kirse mera can't come up with it. lawrence in to score the game's lone run. michigan wins 1-0. that series now tied at a ga apiece. let's get to the warriors now, they got the news they were hoping for and frankly they were expecting klay thompson will play thursday night. today he passed the nba's concussion protocol, so he will suit up for golden state agast cleveland for game 1 of the finals. klay was back o practicing today, getting his timing back. the week-long break after the weern conference finals turned out to be perfect for klay thompson, giving him enough time to rest recover, and practice. >> i feel great. these last two days i feel like i've gotten my wind back and the final tune-up, and you ow just trying stop the nerves and anxiousns. we took care of business early, and we've got to look at the
9:55 pm
bright ide. we got some time off to get healthy. we're so excited. it's new territory for warriors fans and for us. >> we had a layoff like this after our new orleans series, but there wasn't this build-up because it wasn't the finals. so with the build-up and all the media and everything else and the long wait seems longer. lebron james said yesterday he was already anxious to start the series, but the cavs' star guard kyrie irving still not completely healthy, even with a full week of rest. irving missed two conference championship games with knee tendinitis. also has a foot injury. does not think he'll be 100% for game 1. >> i'm not so sure. you know, just like i said before, i'm going to keepsaying it, just this is a day-by-day thing. continue to get treatme and do what it takes. >> he's not out of the woods entirely. on the other hand, you know obviously he played significant minutes in all the games. he's playing through it.
9:56 pm
and been doing a great job pb. and we're just hoping k get out there and play. >> ge 1 of the nba finals tips off thursday night at 6:00 over on abc 7, followed by after the game the award-wiing -- well we haven't really won any awards, but i think someday. i think we're long overdue. it's our destiny. you've got the hall of famernate thurman, adonal foyle, mike shumann doing the post-game interviews from oracle. we never enter. otherwise, we would win. first we should enter. i didn't want to say it. vikings running back adrian person returned to football today, reporting to the vikin' organized team activities. peterson was suspended la year after charges of child abuse for striking his son with a stick. the vikings weren't sure hwas going to come back, especially after peterson went on a twitter rant last weekend. but the vikings have refused to trade him. so peterson's options were this -- either you pla for us for $12 million or you can play for nobody for zero. hmm. >> the past year has be
9:57 pm
emotional for both parties involved. i've learned a lot from my mistake, and i'm moving forward. you know i'm focusing on what's in front of me. >> sounds kind of worn out from the whole thing. quarterback cam newton a happy man tonight because he and the panthe have agreed on a five-year, $103.8 million contract. $60 million of that is guarantee aranteeed. so newton is the highest paid plash in the nfl for the 2015 season. as of today june the 2d. that honor will not last long because colts quarterback andrew luck and russell wilson of the seahawks are also expected to get deals north of $100 million. it's good t throw. abc 7 sports broug to you by toyota. those are my deep thoughts tonight. good to throw. 12 million.
9:58 pm
take the 12. and good if you can throw. awesome. >> i didn't promise any more an that. >> all right. thank you, everyone, for watching us this evening. abc 7 news continues now online on twitter facebook, all your mobile devices. it's our abc 7 news app. be sure to have yourself a good night. we will seyou again over at 11:00 on chnel 7. as we leave you with a live look from our explore torium cam this tuesday evening. have a good one, everyone.
9:59 pm
kay, we all know why we're over here. because we're always here? partly, but today bobby's heading off to do his first pro golf tournament in years. to bobby! (all cheer) to me! (clinking) jul, i didn't know that you sponsor an african child. oh, yeah. little omari. he's 1 i got to say, those letters are getting a little repetitive-- "it's hot, i'm hungry, there's snakes,"
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